Sudoku Challenge

Sudoku Challenge 2.0

Sudoku Challenge offers a challenge for both the new and experienced player

Sudoku has become a worldwide famous puzzle, made popular in Japan. In a Sudoku Puzzle, you have a 9 x 9 Grid, with some numbers in it. The grid must be completed with the following consideration: every Row, Column AND 3 x 3 Grid must have numbers 1 through 9 without repeating. So, when the player completes the grid, each and every row will have numbers 1 through 9, same for columns and grids.
Sudoku Challenge is a software that generates Sudoku Puzzles and allows users to complete them in an easier way, and with a little help from the software if needed.
Sudoku Challenge provides the user with hints, very useful when there's no solution to be found. Also, it can provide hints on the numbers that can be placed in a given cell, eliminating possibilities of the other entered numbers in that row, column or cell.
Sudoku Challenge generates puzzles in 3 different difficulty levels, so the experience doesn't matter, there will always be a challenge.
The user also has the capability of customizing the screen, the colors, and toggle the sound on / off.

Rafael Canela
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  • Small Software
  • Great for Sudoku Lovers and beginners
  • Easy to use


  • Only Easy puzzles in Shareware Version
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